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Kim Block Writes Poem for Poetry Month

Written on April 1, 2021 ■ by Kim Block

April is Poetry Month! Kim Block — advocate, writer and PWS — lives in BC with her husband and two children. She is an author of a children’s books series about a girl who stutters, entitled Stuttering Superhero. See more on Kim Block’s website. She wrote the following poem for the CSA web site to commemorate poetry month.

Human Variation

What it is to be human
To wake up and feel alive

We process our world through our senses
But something inside us lies

With so many people around us
Our world and systems complex

We try to fit concepts, people into boxes
Trying to define the mess

By carving people into sculptures
We shave off the rest

To shove aside, oppress and hide
Similarity is the best?

What a loss we all experience
When all we want is same

The jewels and shine of humanity
Float to the ground and become shame

Until the frozen people
Are so sick and tired of the cold

They break through the harness
To speak their mind and be bold

We are all variations of humanity
Beautiful, strong and unique

We are diverse in our human attributes
We honor each other when we meet

When we meet at the point of connectedness
When something inside us that lies

The human spirit is boundless
Variation is what makes us fly

Last updated: 2021-04-20